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Empower Yourself With Zahra Brown Consulting

Take Control of Your Future

Often people with disabilities face many barriers accessing information, educational opportunities, or life opportunities.  As a person with disabilities, myself, I see a value of using self-advocacy and seeking accommodation.  Self-advocacy and accommodation will give people with disabilities new strategies of articulating their needs to further their education, career, and life opportunities. It is important for all of us continue break the cycle of historical neglect..


To educate students on self-advocacy, seeking accommodation, understanding the academic accommodation process in postsecondary education will prevent them from failing their classes and programs and the impact of not being accommodated and not having self-advocacy awareness will cause mental stress and led them to drop out.

As the creator of Zahra Brown Consulting, I have developed a workshop called "Accommodation Matters". This 60 mins workshop will encourage students with disabilities (invisible or physical) to make use the value of seeking accommodation from the accessible learning services in Colleges and Universities. 


Our workshop will provide insights and tools to how students gain self advocacy skills, understand how accommodation is beneficial, learn useful tips on how to navigate through the accommodation process and graduate successfully from their programs at their College or University.  

We need to normalize in seeking accommodations. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. We believe that people with disabilities (invisible or physical) are meant show the world their voices, strategies, insights, and vision. They can keep showing up in these postsecondary institutions, strive for their dreams by seeking accommodations that work best for their needs to graduate.


We do not want the disability community to become another statistic.

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"Don't give up in the midst of the storm, the world need you."

Zahra Brown Consulting

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